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Misc. Illustrations

December 15, 2019

Some more miscellaneous illustrations.

Week 3 | Dogs

August 27, 2019

Week 13

I have an illustration of my dog Dexter I did a few months ago on my desk. “Best dog ever” it says. I’ve had a few dogs in my life. I have a distant memory of this German Shepherd jumping up on the screen door and me screaming because it was scary. I think that was my first dog. I don’t know what happened to that dog. I’m sure by now he’s in heaven. (All dogs go to heaven.)

One day my parents decided to buy a golden retriever. We brought her home and she seemed sad. So my parents then bought her a sister; a yellow lab named Sandy. The golden was named Heather. My little sister called her “Feather.”  

These dogs were my dogs for my whole life it felt like. We got them when I was in elementary school. They died when I was in college.

I remember wrestling with Sandy and letting her lick me as much as she wanted. I gave up pushing her away and just let her slobber all over my face.

My dad built a little birthing center for Sandy when she got pregnant. It was like a little cave made of plywood about four feet high. I could crawl through the door and into the larger chamber to pet Sandy and her newborn puppies when the day finally came.

Heather had seizures. I don’t know why but she would have a seizure every few months. I learned to just pet her through them and wait for them to end.

At some point my parents bought a miniature longhair Dachshund. His name was Buster and I think all my mom’s passwords became Buster2004 or Buster2005. There’s a good chance if you want to hack my mom to this day you could try Buster and the year and that’ll probably give you access to all her devices.

Buster jumped under a tire as someone pulled their car into the garage. I held him in my hands as he took his last breaths. This was very sad.

After Buster my parents bought Stella. She was an Australian Shepherd. Actually I think my sister bought her for my dad for father’s day. She was sweet. And it was very sad when she died.

I had a fuzzy shitzu named Pinecone. I truly miss him now.

I bought Dexter as a puppy for my kids because I wanted them to have the same bonding experience I had with Heather and Sandy. Life happened and I don’t know what kind of relationship they have together. But I do know Dexter is my dog right now. And he’s the best dog there ever was.

New Studio | Week 2 – Webflow

August 13, 2019

Let’s talk Webflow. This is an online web builder similar to Wix and SquareSpace except not similar at all. Wix and other similar web builders while mostly user friendly, are extremely limiting. When I first started using Wordpress I was instantly confronted with the fact that while not requiring a complete knowledge of coding, I would have to spend weeks learning how to make my own vision real on the interwebs. 

Next I discovered Wix and SquareSpace. While these delivered an option without having to know a lot of code, I still was unable to easily create the designs I had envisioned. 

And let me say here that I hate coding. It requires a side of the brain that I don’t often access. It’s a land of solving puzzles and spending hours to fix the smallest of problems just to make a single thing work. I live in a land of Photoshop and Illustrator where I can immediately create exactly what I want with very little effort. Those who develop software and frequently work with that side of their minds are awesome–and completely strange to me. 

Therefore, in the past I have always designed sites in Photoshop and I outsourced the coding to others who specialize in code. The result was I was dependant on others. And this is a big statement. Relying on others can often be extremely difficult. And before I found Webflow I was completely dependant. 

Before I discovered Webflow (and I have the designers at Edgar Allen Design to thank 100% for this discovery) I was really limping along, and sacrificing my vision for things I could create with those limited platforms.

Webflow took a few hours of tutorials before I felt I could really start building responsive sites that lived up to my original artistic vision. And the freedom and independence I felt from this were amazing. I felt liberated. 

Now, I still have a lot to learn about using Webflow and building websites in general. But I would encourage any new designer to check out Webflow University and go through the tutorials they provide for free. 

I’ll be posting my latest work using Webflow shortly. Stay tuned.

New Studio | Week 1

July 29, 2019

I’ve just moved into a new space. I have a nice little corner in a tattoo studio owned and operated by latino tattoo artist Elias. It’s super cool of him to let me rent the space. Working from home was great, but a six month old baby girl can be a hell of a distraction. The queen gets what she wants. Coffee shops are a nice break, but they have their own distractions. So landing this spot has been a blessing. Plus I get to trade the occasional design services for the occasional tattoo. Don’t tell my mom I said that. My cousin and business partner made me promise not to get anything on my face.

I’m trying to build up a local client base so I’ve been emailing local businesses. I found a list of every business registered in Gainesville and I’ve literally been going through it starting with the “A”s. I’m also focusing on my online presence, posting something every other day or so and actually engaging with people. All this is really new and different for me, but I’m trying to have fun with it.

And I’m trying to have fun in general. I ride a bike to work. It’s the only way I can get myself to do physical activity–I hate exercise for exercise sake. The atmosphere at the studio is really cool. The artists listen to a lot of banda and Southern California rap. They just celebrated their first anniversary with tacos and tequila. I ate the tacos but passed on the tequila.

My long-term goal is to build up a nice client base so that the baby, my wife, and I can spend a few months in Mexico with her family and I can still be making American money. This way Luisa (the baby) can experience the culture, Fabi (the wifey) can be with her family and friends, and I can get better at Spanish. Wish me luck.