Cadet Portfolio

How I Brought 70,000Army JROTC Cadets into the Digital Age

Cadet Portfolio is a learning management system currently in use by over seventy thousand cadets across the country. It was developed by my cousin and me in partnership with several active duty and retired Army officers. Riverside Military Academy here in Gainesville is using this tool, along with hundreds of schools across America.

Digitized Assignments

By digitizing the cadet experience we eliminated the need for cumbersome 3 ring binders and the excuse that “my dog ate my homework.”
Teachers have an easier time collecting and grading homework and students don’t lose assignments.

Any Device, Any Time

Cadets can now access their assignments from their home computers, tablets or mobile phones.
We put 4 lumberjacks out of a job from the paper we saved.

Digital Resumes

Digital resumes track cadets’ experiences over time and can be printed off when it’s time to interview for a job.


Cadet Command can easily view statistics on current and former cadets. This allows them to track progress across the country and provides insights on which companies are performing well.

Leaderboards, Messaging, Assignments, Resumes & Awards, Data Management

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